The Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society do amazing work supporting young people (they work with those age 5-19) and families in times of crisis.


For all of us right now – after 7 weeks of lockdown – nothing is normal. It is good to name that. It also means that all of our emotions and thoughts may be quite unpredictable as well – as well as our prayer life, and our relationship with God. To help reflect on all that, we are bringing it to Mass, on Wednesday 6th May; we have also brought together a wide range of links and resources, to help your wellbeing (during the time of Covid-19 lockdown and beyond) which you will find within our website –

The Mass will be streamed live on YouTube (our channel is BrentwoodCYS) and Instagram (@BrentwoodCYS) at 8pm. The booklet with the readings and hymns is available to download or print here: Youth Mass 6th May

Everyone is always welcome online, for all that we do, and whether you are Catholic, of no faith, or of a different faith. we hope that what we share during this Mass, especially, will be a great help to many young people – do invite friends and family.