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For some people self care is a warm bubble bath, for some people it is a workout, and for some people it is a good chat with a friend. For all of us, “You cannot pour from a glass that is empty”! So self-care matters. 



Let’s be very clear – it is fine to take time for yourself. It is not selfish, or wrong. It is just a fact of life that everyone needs time for themselves, sometimes. Even Jesus went off into quiet places to pray – that is him showing us that such times matter, for prayer and to look after ourselves. 

The beginning of self-care is understanding yourself, and a good site for this is The Blurt Foundation (, Instagram @theblurtfoundation). There are some excellent downloadable resources here, to help you understand how you are feeling, and you can also ask online questions in a safe way. There are a range of blogs that are very helpful responses to questions other people have asked. 

Looking after yourself is vital; the “Action for happiness” website and all the Instagram accounts below will offer you wonderful ideas and suggestions to treat yourself, as well as many positive and inspirational quotes. Even if – right now – you may not believe you are worthy of treating yourself, you are. You are made in God’s image and likeness, you are God’s work of art, and you are precious in his eyes. So dive into these sites, and take time for yourself.

Action for Happiness

@actionhappiness on Instagram

This site is especially for young people, and it is a place to find some positive energy. They describe themselves as a “Movement of people building a happier society by making positives changes to their personal lives, homes, workplaces and communities”

Mindset by Dave

This is an excellent YouTube series of short videos from a counsellor, offering great tips and insights;

The School of Life

Another YouTube resouce, where a psychotherapist helps with ideas to lead calmer and more resilient lives. Ideal for young adults aged 16+

Instagram Accounts promoting self care and happiness


@charliemackesy (“the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse”)



@blessingmanifesting (Self-Care Blogger)






@not.a.doormat (faith and Domestic violence)