Science vs Religion?

Do we have to choose between Science and Faith?

Science and Faith in ‘conflict’…

Many people often cite the conflict between Science and Religion as an obstacle to belief. Science is often seen as the only rational way of thinking and understanding reality, whereas  faith is characterised as believing without evidence or wishful thinking, and in that view its not much of a choice.

But what if we don’t have to choose and what if those over-simplistic modern notions of both Science and Faith fail to tell us the full picture?

To discuss these and some other wishes we conducted an interview with someone who can legitimately say they have a foot in each camp and live in the tension between Science and Faith.


Fr Andrew Pinsent

We went and spoke to Fr Andrew Pinsent who is both a Scientist & a Catholic Priest. Fr Andrew for a number of years worked as a partial physicist at CERN and since training to become a Priest currently heads up the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science & Religion at the University of Oxford.

We spoke to Fr Andrew to get his thoughts on the relationship between science and faith.

For more information about Fr Andrew and his work in the Ian Ramsey Centre visit: 

Science vs Religion: An interview with Fr Andrew Pinsent