“Love is the Way”


Music & Lyrics by Molly Conrad & Art Wangcharoensab With special thanks to; Felishia, Hannah, Gabi, Nick, Chris, Felicity, Harry, Leighton, Paschal & Emily

‘Love Is The Way’ is an inter-continental creation.

‘Catholic’ means ‘universal’ and Art and Molly were in two completely different places and different time zones when they composed this song.

It shows how music and faith can really bring us all together.

People of all ages have had to deal with so much: losses, stress, mental health problems, missing those they love, and this song is all about how we are all called to help each other. This is the essence of our youth service. It has been a place of great joy for so many people over the course of so many years. 

For Molly and Art, composing the song was a great help during this time, and we hope that it is just as valuable to those who listen to it.