Good sources in an RE essay

Need a helpful reminder of sources to quote in your next RE work?

What is this resource for?

If you go to a Catholic school you will be doing an Religious Education GCSE. The new RE/RS GCSE specification is very rich in its detail and the content it wants you to cover, so its good to remember good sources for a potential essay.

We want to help you remember good sources of wisdom & authority to quote the next time you find yourself stuck in a essay and need to find some relevant quotations.


What are sources of wisdom & authority?

Sources of wisdom and authority are primary and secondary resources that are gold-dust when writing an RE essay, whether it is for GCSE, A-Level and beyond.

They are basically solid places to quote information from. So in the case of RE these are sources like: The Bible, the catechism, something the Pope has written etc.


So the next time you find yourself stumped and need to know where to look for good quotes, here’s a helpful poster to remind you…your teacher will love you for it!

Sources of Wisdom & Authority