Finding content for social media

Struggle to find good content for your social media?

The Problem

More parishes and schools than ever are trying their hand at social media because we are all acutely aware how digitally literate our young people are and the instinct to try and enter into that world is a good and admirable one.

However very quickly a problem arises: it is often a big pain to try and consistently put out quality content on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Thankfully there are resources out there that can help us put engaging, diverse and stunning content on a consistent basis.

In this post we will explore one of the best resources out there: CatholicLink

Catholic Link to the rescue

Catholic-link is a Catholic portal of apostolic resources that collects and comments on videos, movies, photos and other useful things for the New Evangelization."

Our recommendation

Catholic-link is a an excellent resource for catechists, lay chaplains and other involved in the work of drawing young people closer to Christ through digital media.

Take some time to explore Catholic Link’s library of resources available to access here

All of the images here are in high quality and can be used freely as long as you:
1. Don’t crop or modify the images in any way.
2. Add a link to the source (for web use).

They have: infographics, text, cartoons, gallery, GIF’s that will become an essential tool in your social media outreach…and if you’ve not yet been confident enough to venture into the world of social media for fear of lacking engaging content this might help encourage you.