Resources inspired by faith

Questions and doubts about who we are, our self-worth and our place in the world can really challenge our faith. Where is God, on the days we cannot get out of bed, or cannot bear to look at ourselves in the mirror. Where is God at 3am when we cannot sleep or at the end of the school day when we are terrified at the thought of going home? 

On the Road to Emmaus, Jesus walks with two of his friends who are running away; they have seen him crucified, they are terrified about being caught and they want to get out of Jerusalem. For a while, Jesus walks with them – he doesn’t tell them to stop, or force them to change direction. He just listens, and walks with them. Perhaps that image helps – God is not judging you, telling you off, or forcing you to go in a direction that doesn’t feel right. But he is with you. walking alongside you, listening carefully and gently to you, trying to understand your pain and your tears and – in good time – pointing out the possibility of new pathways.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, these resources offer insight into how the person of Jesus, as well as images from his life and across the Bible, can help us understand our mental health and the people around us. These resources may not be right for you now – or there might be something here that is perfect for you. These may be resources you return to later.

Have a look, see what you think, and do let us know if there are resources you would like us to add to this section.

Resources from our Bishops

The resources section of the Catholic Mental Health project brings together different PDFs, podcasts and powerpoints, to help you find pastoral care in your Diocese. There is a wide range of resources, to help you find what is best for you.


AloneTogether was borne out of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and draws from Benedictine wisdom so as to help people understand silence, structure, prayer, exercise and work as part of the rhythm of each day. There are inputs from people with long wisdom of years, and the information is generally presented as video inputs of 10-20 minutes, to be able to be watched at a time that suits you.