Friendship & Faith – Why I enjoy the BCYS

5th December 2019

I have been part of the Brentwood Catholic Youth service for around four years now and it has become such a big part of my life. I was told about the BCYS by my brother who had been to Lourdes a few times and absolutely loved it. The experiences that he talked about sounded so exciting and I knew I wanted to get involved! 

I started going to Youth Mass in year ten and was met with such a warm, loving atmosphere that I now know is present in all BCYS events throughout the year. I then went on to go to Lourdes and Youth Gather in the following years, making many new friendships and exploring my faith in an interactive, engaging way. Being part of the BCYS has also provided me with one of the greatest few weeks of my life as I was lucky enough to go to Costa Rica and Panama for World Youth Day in January. The experience was unforgettable – exploring new cultures, being welcomed with open hearts by our host families and meeting so many new people from all over the world, was truly amazing and one I will cherish forever.

Speaking at mass on National Youth Sunday was a great way of spreading the word about all the great work of the BCYS and raised much-appreciated funds, so all these brilliant events can take place. Even though I am part of the BCYS, I didn’t realise quite how many people the Walsingham House team worked with and the massive impact this makes to young people across the entire diocese, so I was even more invigorated to tell the people of my parish about their amazing work. The support that the people of the diocese provide, not only financially but also with their prayer and further spreading awareness is essential, so I loved the opportunity to give just a little bit back to the BCYS, which has given me so much.

Erin, aged 17

November 2019