National Youth Sunday is now World Youth Day and it is a unique opportunity to celebrate the role and significance of young people in the Catholic Church in England and Wales along with the global Church.



Jesus calls to be a positive change in the world which comes from the recognition that we have purpose and we are appointed.

(Acts 26:16) These words are those of Jesus to Paul, then Saul, on the road to Damascus –
but they are also words of Jesus to us, wherever we are on our life’s path.

1) Stand up – Jesus calls us not to be afraid, but to stand up, wake up and open our eyes to the world around us: even though we may fall, Jesus helps us to
stand and see the way forwards.

2) You are appointed – You are called and chosen to do a specific job or mission. Jesus sees our particular gifts and talents and calls us to use them. But he also chooses us because he loves us.

3) Go as a witness –  The disciples were first-hand witnesses of Jesus’ work on earth and were sent out by Jesus to share the good news. As witnesses of Jesus’ light and love at work in our lives today, we are also sent out to share it!








So we are asking young people from all over the Diocese to STAND UP in parishes and schools, because YOU ARE APPOINTED to GO AS A WITNESS and speak on behalf of the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service of your experiences, how other young people can get involved and how others can support us.



We will have a script, flyers, posters and all other materials prepared

– all we ask is for volunteers to speak on our behalf in their local parish on the weekend of 21st November 2021.



If this is something you think you can help with, either by speaking yourself or arranging speakers in your own parish, please get in contact with your name and parish, by emailing [email protected] or using the form below!




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