We have 2 last minute places for World Youth Day, Costa Rica and Panama, January 2019. The key details are:

• You need to be in school year 12 and above.
• You need to be a UK, European or American citizen (it is too late to get a visa for WYD)
• You need to be free and able to travel from 17th-30th January. Many schools have released Year 12 students for travel, or would be sympathetic to doing so. Year 13s are unlikely to get permission. Those at Uni can travel, depending on Uni term start dates, and exam dates, which they will know by now.


What can you expect from World Youth Day?

  • Twelve days in Latin America – a land of astonishing beauty
  • The great energy and joy of 2,000,000+ young people
  • Prayers and Masses led by the Pope
  •  The chance to meet young people from across the world; be part of an amazing international gathering, an inspiring vision of the young Church.
  • Accomodation with families in Costa Rica, and a hotel in Panama City

The BCYS trip is open to anyone aged from school year 12 to age 27 at the time we travel, our likely travel dates are 18th-27th January 2019. World Youth Day is open to all – if you have questions about your faith, or would like to deepen your faith, it is an amazing opportunity.

The experience is partly cultural – discovering Latin America, and meeting young people from all over the world but also includes numerous times of prayer, talks by Bishops and Cardinals, and Masses led by the Pope. Come with an open heart – and be prepared for a depth and focus on faith.

Please be aware that World Youth Day requires some physical and mental robustness; long flights, large crowds, and several miles of walking on some days. Everyone is very welcome to come – but do be aware of the demands of the trip!