Within the grounds of Walsingham House at Abbotswick we are blessed with beautiful Stations of the Cross – they are, in fact, the Stations that were on the walls of the “second” Cathedral in Brentwood, prior to the current one being built in the 1990s. 

The Stations of the Cross that we will use on Friday have been written during the Coronavirus Pandemic. As we journey with Jesus to the cross, we notice many vivid echoes and resonances for us at this time – most especially that Jesus does not abandon us in grief, stress or suffering, but profoundly understands us. And along his journey – as in ours – there is cast of characters that appear on the road, offering moments of soothing and generous relief in the midst of agony and distress.  

These Stations can be used in private prayer, at any time; each Station contains the Scripture that directly relates to it, or – where there is no direct mention in Scripture – another relevant and inspiring passage from the Bible.

The booklet with the Stations can be printed out or downloaded here: Stations of the Cross with reflections on the CoronaVirus pandemic

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