The Summer Lourdes pilgrimage has been a feature of the BCYS since 1978. It was a great sadness not to travel last summer, and throughout autumn 2020 we have been actively considering various options for 2021, together with those who organise the adult pilgrimage.

With Covid-19 continuing to affect all aspects of life, notably care for those who are ill and frail, as well as travel to Europe, it is impossible to plan with any certainty. We are therefore deferring decisions until January 2021. These decisions will be taken in conjunction with the Diocesan medical team, and in line with the best possible Health and Safety advice.

While there remains uncertainty about whether we can travel, we will not be taking any bookings at this time, to avoid the disappointment of cancellations and refunds.

If we are able to travel, the dates will be Saturday 24th – Saturday 31st July.

We hope that answers any questions that you may have for now; if there is anything else, please do not hesitate to email

In the meantime, please keep in your prayers all those who work in the shrine at Lourdes, as well as our hoteliers, along with the many other businesses that depend on pilgrims coming to Lourdes. These are very tough times for them.