Holy Thursday powerfully unites Eucharist and service. As we remember the first Eucharist, we are reminded that Holy Communion and service are interwoven; we read the Gospel where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples, at the Last Supper – the first Eucharist.

The booklet for the Mass, which can be downloaded so that you have it on a second screen while you watch and pray the Mass, or printed out, is here: Holy Thursday Order of Service

In days when many people cannot physically receive Communion, this celebration of Holy Thursday will be especially poignant, as we celebrate Spiritual Communion, and we also invite you to consider what it means to “wash the feet of another” when we all need to stay 2 metres apart. There will be more on this during the celebration of the Mass – will the little “pledge card” that you can save as an image to print out or download.



If you are not sure how to access the Mass, then use this little graphic. Do remember that you need to use the Instagram App if you are watching via a desktop or laptop – going in via the website doe not permit the “Livestream” function. See you online!