In the Church’s year, this week focuses us on two hearts that were both wounded, and also full of love – on Friday (19th June) it is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; on Saturday it is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The wonderful artwork pictured here, by Danielle Tayabas, shows all sorts of detail associated with these hearts – thorns, roses, fire, blood, water, a pierced heart and a crucifed heart. 


Hearts are powerful – we speak about being “heart-broken”; things are “heart-felt”; we speak of people who are “generous hearted” or “cold hearted.” You will be able to add your own “heart” based expressions to that list! Consider then, these emotions and thoughts in relation to the heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary. Consider the usual image of the Sacred Heart, with rays of light and love – as well as blood – bursting from the heart of Jesus.

In pandemic, people sometimes think God has forgotten us. He hasn’t – where our hearts break, so too does his heart – and at the same time, his heart overflows with passionate love for each one of us. Mary, with a mother’s heart, is full of tenderness – and she also knows what it means for a heart to be wounded with grief. 

Our own hearts may well be full of turbulent emotions right now – in this evening’s Youth Mass we will reflect on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, considering what these hearts mean for our prayers, and for our understanding of faith even at – especially at – the most difficult times. 

As always the Mass is on Instagram Livestream (BrentwoodCYS) or YouTube where our channel is easily found by searching Brentwood Catholic Youth Service or BrentwoodCYS. Everyone is warmly welcome online.

There is a booklet with hymns and readings, to help follow the Mass as fully as possible, available to download here: Youth Mass Booklet – Hearts of Jesus and Mary