On Sunday 3rd May – Good Shepherd Sunday – Bishop Alan was due to meet with more than 700 Confirmation Candidates in Brentwood Cathedral; young people who would then be Confirmed in their parishes on Pentecost Sunday. For them – and for many hundreds more who would have been Confirmed by Bishop Alan in their parishes during the months ahead – such a gathering is not possible, and so on 3rd May Bishop Alan will preach at the 10.30am Livestream Mass from Walsingham House at Abbotswick – a place where many of the Confirmandi have been on retreat. You’ll find the Mass on Instagram Livestream (BrentwoodCYS) or on YouTube – the direct link to copy and paste into your browser is here: https://youtu.be/FDXfnXj_9lY  or the YouTube channel is BrentwoodCYS.

A booklet for the Mass, with the hymns and readings, is available to download or print here: Good Shepherd Order of Service

We encourage you to prepare a good space for the Mass, with a crucifix and candle, if you can, so that you can follow as prayerfully as possible; this is a moment when our Bishop will speak directly to our Confirmation Candidates, and for all of us this is a precious time, along with all the Spiritual Communion offered by the Mass. The Instagram Livestream also gives you a chance to offer your prayers and intentions at different moments in the Mass, so everyone can pray with you and for you. 



This Mass will be offered by Fr Dominic and Bishop Alan for the Confirmation Candidates and their Catechists and will lead into four weeks of “Acts 4:32” prepared by current and former members of the Walsingham House Team. At 4.32pm each day from 3rd to 31st May we’ll release a short video of a young adult speaking about why they chose their Confirmation Saint, and how that Saint might have an inspiring insight for the times we are in. Each video will be on Instagram and Facebook – simply follow BrentwoodCYS – as well as on the YouTube channel.

If you already use the Instagram App you’ll find the Mass on the BrentwoodCYS Livestream; if you don’t yet have the App then follow the simple steps in the graphic below and you will soon find us. Everyone is welcome.