Ever wanted to help refugees in Calais but not known where to start?

The situation in Calais has become increasingly worse for the refugees stranded there. Their tents and personal possessions are routinely destroyed by the police so they are currently living rough and in the wild with no cover.

The work the charities do on the ground is irreplaceable and cannot be underestimated. If they didn’t cook or distribute food and vital supplies daily to the refugees, they would be left hungry and  homeless without access to basic sanitation. 

Take this opportunity to show you care. By offering a hand with cooking and sorting through or distributing supplies, you will be making a family or an individual feel a little less vulnerable and a little more optimistic. We believe kindness is a choice and when the world has been unkind, we must choose to be kind.  

Calais Light run regular group convoys from Brentwood, Essex to Calais in France to help refugees, supporting 3 charities – Help Refugees, Refugee Community Kitchen and Care4Calais. We take manpower and money, not physical donations!

We want to help as many volunteers get to Calais in the easiest way possible – that’s why we’re called “Calais Light”! And going at the weekend makes it fit with work.


Join one of our weekend convoys on your own or with a friend, and see how easy it is to make a difference!

For more information and to sign up for this convoy, please visit www.calaislight.com



This event is supported but not organised by the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service. Please contact the organisers directly for more information.