In Spiritual Communion with people across the country, join us in prayer for the re-dedication of England to Our Lady of Walsingham.

We are privileged that the House where we usually welcome thousands of young people each year is dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham; on this very special day nationally, we will be praying the prayers marking the rededication of England to Our Lady of Walsingham at 12noon, followed by Mass.

You can download a PdF version of the Prayers of the Rededication here: PrayersofTheRededication 

In troubled and uncertain times, we notice Mary’s own courage to say “yes” and the message of Walsingham – “Share my joy!” Through gathering together via Instagram, we will be able to infuse each other with joy – a joy we can spread to others, when it is most urgently needed. 

During the Mass, prayer requests can be made, and these will be part of the Intercessions. To access the Mass simply locate BrentwoodCYS on Instagram and the feed will go live just before 12noon. 

You will find lots more resources about the Rededication at the website