Today we celebrate fathers – we think especially of fathers who have been close to their children in lockdown, as well as fathers who are absent from their families; we pray for step-fathers, grand-fathers and all those who are father figures. Above all, we commend all fathers to God the Father, and St Joseph, the model of loving and patient fatherhood.



Today is also the “Day for Life” – this years theme is “Choose life” with a particular focus on mothers and unborn children, and bringing hope and healing where that is needed in family life, and especially after abortion. You will find much more information on

Our Mass will focus on both celebrating fathers and celebrating life, as well as recognizing where there are complexities and fragilities in families and in life. At this Mass everyone is included, and everyone is very welcome online

Mass is available on YouTube – our channel is BrentwoodCYS – and on Instagram Livestream – search Brentwood CYS.

There is a booklet with hymns and readings to help follow the Mass, available to download or print here: Fathers Day & Day for Life – Mass Booklet