Acts 4:32 – ninety second bursts of inspiration from BCYS young leaders

29th April 2020

Who inspires you? Who would be the best Saint to advise and encourage you during lockdown, Coronavirus, and isolation?

From 3rd-31st May the Walsingham House Team past and present, and other BCYS young leaders, will be sharing the Saints that inspire them – in 90 second videos to inspire you. Each video will go live at 4.32pm on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

Why Acts 4:32? Why the Saints, especially if you are not feeling all that Saintly right now?! Joe, Harry and Beth made these three little videos to tell you more …

Firstly Joe explains what Acts 4:32 is all about …

Next Harry shares his thoughts on “what is a Saint?”

And finally Beth asks, “Are you called to be a Saint?” The answer is Yes (even if you don’t feel all that holy right now).