Walsingham House (WH) is overseen by Brentwood Catholic Youth Service and is under the Patronage of Our Lady of Walsingham. WH is committed to the evangelisation and catechetical formation of young people aged 9 to 18 from schools and parishes through peer to peer retreat ministry. The volunteer discipleship team aged 18 to 25 run the retreats under the direction of the retreat staff and live as a community of disciples formed by the saving truths of the Catholic faith. The volunteer disciples are nourished by a regular pattern of prayer, the Sacraments and strive to live out and proclaim the goodnews of Jesus Christ to young people in the diocese.   

Retreat Staff and Volunteer Disciples

Retreat Prices and Timings – valid from September 2013

At Walsingham House we do our very best to be flexible about timings, recognising different travel distances, school day lengths, etc.

Please treat these timings as a guide and please feel free to discuss alternatives with us if there are better options for your school or parish.

We do not want any young person to be excluded from a retreat on the grounds of cost: if these prices cannot be met by the young person, and there is no additional support available form the school or parish, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

The House is now best equipped for residential retreats of one or two nights.

N.B.: A Parental Consent form must be completed for each young person in your group.


All prices are per person.  These prices include all meals, and two free places for leaders, as groups must be accompanied by a minimum of one male and one female leader.

Mid Week (one night):
4.00pm Weds – 2.30pm Thurs
(or Thurs – Friday)
10.00am Weds – 2.30pm Thurs
(or Thurs – Friday)
- -
Mid Week (two nights):
4.00pm Weds – 2.30pm Friday £60.00
- -
Friday 8.00pm to Sunday 3.00pm*
Less than 25 persons £70.00
25-46 persons £65.00

If your booking is less than 20, we will actively seek to join you with another group.

The weekend retreat does not include a Friday evening meal:  to avoid Friday traffic it is better to arrive at Walsingham House a little later.  However, an evening meal can be provided at an extra £4 per person.

Day Retreats

Timings can be adjusted to best suit the school: if we are running a day retreat in house for your school, experience suggests that it is best to lengthen the usual school day, allowing for your travel time.

We can facilitate days from 10.00am – 2.30pm, to fit the inside of the school day, but are happy to run sessions until 5.00pm to enable the young people to get the best from the day.

When running a retreat away from Walsingham House we fit the school day, typically 9.00am - 3.30pm.  Prices are per person (accompanying teachers are naturally free of charge).

Day retreats per person
(group bring packed lunch)

Retreats at a venue away from Walsingham House

Secondary Schools (up to 100 students)
(school provide lunch for Retreat Team)
Saturday or Sunday 10am – 5pm

To provisionally book a retreat, please e-mail Natalie at nataliejohnson@dioceseofbrentwood.org. 

Tel: 01268 515970

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