Sustaining well-being during Covid-19 & Lockdown

Covid-19 and Lockdown offer great challenges for us all. “Social distancing” is not a natural way for us to relate to other people – we are tactile people, and hugs are important. Isolation is very difficult; it is hard not to see friends or extended family, except waving through a window or on a Zoom call.

Many of the resources in other sections will also help with the way we feel during lockdown, but there are also some websites that have offered some specific reflections and ideas.

It may also help to remember that the disciples were in a kind of “lockdown” after the crucifixion, and before Pentecost – huddled in the Upper Room, often, and paralyzed by anxiety and fear. It took the Holy Spirit to help them “burst forth” and start telling the world about Jesus – for us, too, it will take the gifts of the Holy Spirit – especially courage and understanding (of ourselves and others, as well as our faith) to help us gently re-enter life after lockdown. 

Resources from our Bishops

There is an ongoing “Catholic Mental Health Awareness Project” and they have created some particular resources for wellbeing during Covid-19 which you will find here:


Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society

The BCCS offer resources specifically to help families talk together about how they are feeling during this time:


The Blurt Foundation

The Blurt Foundation offers some very helpful ideas and thoughts, especially for teenagers, and especially if you are suffering from anxiety or depression. This section of their site is all about how we may be feeling during Covid-19


OCD Action

There are some specific challenges for people who suffer with OCD during a time of lockdown, and when routines may be harder to follow. This article is especially for anyone who is suffering in this way, and the whole OCD action website may be of help to you as well.